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Message 9:
The 9-11s in the Afterlife.
Michael / Lynne


Michael: "Hi. Lynne is here at the D.R. She is very anxious to talk to you again. We have finished our morning rounds and are at the gossip central here at the D.R. We are at the Hub and have found some chairs. The nursing sisters are used to my strange behavior so having Lynne act strange with me is okay. I'd better let Lynne talk to you before she pulls my arm off. Here's Lynne."

Lynne: "Hello Father Murray (Bob). Ever since our last talk, I have been anxious to get to the Q and As. How would you like to proceed? Perhaps this isn't a good time for you? If it isn't a good time, please say so and I can arrange another time."

Bob: "I have some time right now. Go ahead and ask your questions. I'm glad that David approves of our meetings. By the way, I can make physical appearances on your side. I can be more than a mellow tone."

Lynne: "I'll let David know. He'll want to be at the next meeting. He had other things to do this morning or he would have been here. He has as many questions as I do, but he is a bit more hesitant to ask. He always said that I was that social butterfly of the family. I'll start. When you talked about the Nightmare level, you said that I or David wouldn't be sent there. Are people sent there from say, here or any place else? Is that place in a geographic location on Earth? Does it exist only in the mind of some or all people?

Bob: "I'll try to sort those questions and answer them in order."

Lynne: "I'm sorry. I'll try to ask only one question at a time. Is that okay, or do you want to group them into two at a time or no more than three?"

Bob: "Lynne, take a breath. Give me one question at a time."

Lynne: "Ahhh, are people sent to the Nightmare level?"

Bob: "As far as I know, people aren't sent to the Nightmare level. When some people die, they go to that level. There are many reasons why people go there. If they are 'tied' to the Earth by friends and relatives sending out prayers to bring that person back to life, then they may not make it past that level. We know that people cannot be brought back to life after the physical body is dead. However, at times of great stress and grief, logic isn't always applied. Other times, the person feels that somehow he or she is not worthy of going to Heaven and gets stuck in that level. There are ways out of it. Usually it takes help from either live people or people/spirits on a higher level. The helpers must be aware of the person. Prayers to send that 'locked in' soul to a higher level can and do help. Just as in life, there are no guarantees, but unselfish prayers usually do the job."

Lynne: "Thank you. Does that Nightmare place have a geographic location? Does it exist in the minds of all people or...Sorry, one question at a time. Does it have a geographic location?"

Bob: "It doesn't have a geographic location that you could find on a map. It has a location, but is rather hard to find in the conventional way. If everything has vibrations or let's say, certain speed, then that level would be up a notch in vibrations."

Lynne: "It exists, but we can't see it with the conventional eye. Is that a fair assessment? Michael just told me that we have to go. May I talk to you again? I feel that I've just started to find out some answers. Please say that you'll talk to me again."

Bob: "I would be very happy to talk to you again. Bye for now."

Lynne: "Bye and thank you so very much."

Michael: "Thanks for the help here. I've been learning things myself. I'll talk to you later."


(Later that day)

Lynne asked if she could talk to you again tomorrow at noon or around 12:00? She goes over to the D.R. every day. She really enjoys her visits there. I'll meet with her at the Hub around noon or before. When you are ready, you can meet us there.

I'll talk again tomorrow.

Love and Peace, Mike.


(The next day)

Michael: "Lynne hasn't arrived yet. She is still in the Ward somewhere. Maybe you can use your psychic powers to locate her. Maybe not. She will be here when she is free. I'll have some coffee while I wait. After I introduce her, I'll go over to the Hotel. I have a meeting with some newbees. Here's Lynne. Father Murray, this is Lynn. Lynne, Father Murray is here."

Lynne: "Michael told me that he had another appointment. I know that he is leaving. Although it is comforting to have him around, I can do this on my own. Is all this okay with you?

Bob: "I'm fine with just talking to you. I'll catch up with Michael later. Go ahead with your questions, if you have any.

Lynne: "Oh yes. I have questions. I remember from yesterday. I'll limit my questions to one at a time. I would like to go back to talking about the Nightmare level. There are a few things that bother me about the whole idea of that level. I did some reading in the Library yesterday and if anything, I got confused about that level and about where I am now. In literature and mythology, there is mention of Hades, casting out demons, wrapping entities in chains and sending them below. Is this Nightmare level you told me about the same place? Is it another Hell or another name for Hell?"

Bob: "That Nightmare level has many names. I forget where I heard the name Nightmare level, but it seemed to fit into what I was finding out. It might be called Hades, Hell or other names by other people--I really can't speak for others. My 'label' for that level was more for identification purposes so you and I would be on the same page."

Lynne: "Another problem I had was the concept of people, dead people, being stuck in that Nightmare level. That sounds horrible. I know there are horrible situations on Earth, but there is a way out. It sounds so hopeless when you are stuck in the Nightmare level. The very idea sends shivers down my back. I think lots of souls or people who were killed on September 11, must be stuck in that Nightmare level. Is there anything you can do to help them?

Bob: "Yes. Along with many psychics, I have tried to help free these souls from that Level. The psychics, channelers, priests, ministers, clergy of all denominations are working on freeing those souls. There isn't much communication between the helpers, but there doesn't have to be. There are 'rescue circles' all over the world working toward the goal of freeing the trapped souls. There are other souls that need help. This isn't an exclusive effort."

Lynne: "Good. Those souls are being helped. I had visions of people being chained to their desks doing the same thing day after day and night after night. Maybe that isn't far from the truth for some live people working today. I feel a bit better now. I think my time is up. Could I talk to you again?"

Bob: "I'd be very happy to talk with you again. Bye for now."

Lynne: "Thank you so much. God bless you."

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