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Message 8:
The 9-11s in the Afterlife.
Michael / Lynne & David


Hello. Lynne was at the D.R. when I left at noon. I went for lunch and did not see her until later in the afternoon. I tracked her down at the 9-11 Village. David and Lynne have a house by the ocean. I found her working in her garden. She invited me in for coffee. David was at the "boards" as she said. He was at the Opera House working on the play. She wanted you to know that our book, "The Stars Still Shine" was very well written and you used various techniques that made it an interesting and informative read. She sent congratulations to you, me and the team on both sides.

David and Lynne were over at Sussex yesterday. Pemby wanted them to be there for dinner at 6:00. They arrived at 5:30 and had juice in the Study. When Sonny and Karen arrived, they were introduced. Everyone became instant friends.

I'll talk to you again soon.


(The next day)

Hello. We just finished singing a few minutes ago. I mean we're on a break. We have another hour to go before we call it a night. I still think this is fun so I can't be suffering too much if I enjoy what I'm doing. In some ways, Friday nights are bigger than Saturday nights as far as entertainment is concerned. People go out more and want entertainment. I have come to some conclusions about the afterlife. One conclusion or maybe I should call them my ideas is that most people who cross over want to continue what they have done before. There are exceptions, of course. Someone who worked in a bank or a trading house can't find the same type of job over here. There is no need for money although some people do use it. How can you save for the future over here? There is no retirement. What do you retire from? People here have jobs and sometimes they are even meaningful, but there is no retirement. Another thing that I noticed is that people want to be entertained. They want to laugh. They want to listen to music. They want to dance and go to the theater. The closer they can get to what they were doing in life the happier they are. People are creatures of habit and will do almost anything to get into a routine that they used to have. There are exceptions to everything. There are people who want to be alone. There are people that rise above the rest of us and pass on to higher levels when they die. We don't see much of them at the lower levels. There aren't many who do the trips back and forth from one level to another like I do. Most of the people I see on Level Four don't visit the First Level unless they have a specific purpose. I, of course, have very specific interests on the lower levels.

When talking to the people in the Village, I discovered that they are different from the other people who crossed over lately. I'm not too sure what label they travel under. You know what I mean. I'm talking about Generation X or yuppies or baby boomers. They seem to defy a conventional label. I think that's a good thing. They are such a diverse group that I just gave them the label of the Village People. I called them that because they live in a village and because I have to give everyone a nick name. They are not the Village People of "YMCA" fame. They ask more questions than any other people who live here.

I'll talk to you again soon. Karen says, Hello.

Love and peace to all, Mike.


(The next day)

I'm doing a gig right now and I'll pass you over to Lynne who is on the floor of the Ballroom with David. Lynne asked if you would talk to her. I said that she didn't need my permission. She wanted to make sure of what she called the Protocol. I told her if it were okay with you I would introduce her and let you two work it out. Here is Lynne.

Lynne: "Thank you so much for talking to me tonight. I read your biography and know that you aren't a priest, but I do feel that I am talking to someone who is a religious figure. I feel that I should be in a confessional telling you my sins. I remember what Michael said the last time I talked. I'm trying to remember what to do."

Bob: "I suggest that you and David find a quiet place away from the dance floor. I want both of you to be comfortable. There are no other demands. If it helps you to say everything aloud then go ahead. I want this to be informal. You are talking to a friend."

Lynne: "I understand. You have a daughter named Lynn. I haven't met her, but I feel that I know her from reading the book. I am amazed that all of this goes on between Heaven and Earth. I didn't know what to expect and nothing really prepared me for what David and I are going through now. I know that appreciation and thanks are inadequate for the service you and Michael and of course, others are doing.

Am I talking too fast or perhaps I'm not talking clearly enough? I haven't done much of this type of thing."

Bob: "You are doing very well. I can understand what you are saying and can hear every word. Does David have anything to say?"

Lynne: "David, do you have anything to say?"

David: "I'll leave the questioning to Lynne. She can ask all the questions. She's had questions bubbling out for the last few days. If something goes wrong then she can take the heat."

Lynne: "David is right. I have had many questions. I feel a bit self-conscious sitting here talking to a potted palm tree. Are you sure you can hear me?"

Bob: "I hear you very clearly. If you wish, you can form the questions in your head and I'll receive them just as well. David might not be in on our conversation.
I have a suggestion. You ask the questions aloud and both of you will hear me in your heads. It will work."

Lynne: "I heard what you said. I mean I heard what I thought was your voice in my head. Did you hear him too, David?"

David: "Loud and clear."

Lynne: "I won't ask you how you do this because Michael told me that you don't know. Having established that, I want to say that I'm happy to be asking questions and talking to you. I know, I know, I'll get on with it. When David and I crossed over here, we were surprised that we ended in a place like this. Was this destined to happen? Were we destined to be killed along with all the other people? Could we or anyone else have prevented all of this somehow? Is this a form of punishment for us along with the other people who died on that day?"

Bob: "I'm not a theologian nor am I a person with all the answers. The answers are from what I believe right now. As more information becomes available then I learn and sometimes change. I like to think of it as growing with information. Now, I'll try to answer your questions. I don't believe the events of September 11 were destined to happen. The concept of destiny means that a higher power has complete control over humankind. Man and I mean that to include women has free will. Free will is just that. There are no sometimes controls. This does not mean that there were not any signs indicating a tragic event was about to happen. The World Trade Center was bombed before. There were indications that something was about to happen. The tragedy was man made not God directed. Could it have been prevented? Perhaps, but it wasn't. Some tragic events are prevented from happening. This prevention happens every day. Usually no one hears about them because they were prevented. Death is not a form of punishment. Only man kills man as a form of punishment.

Lynne: "My religion tells me that if you aren't a good Catholic you won't get to Heaven, but will end in Purgatory. Now, I see people that are not Roman Catholics. Does that mean that David and I are in Purgatory with the other people? I don't mean to say that I'm better than anyone else. I just don't understand this location. What is it called?"

Bob: "I don't know that there is an official title to the place you are right now. The people who now live here have been told that it is Heaven. There are levels, but they are levels of awareness. You move toward the One, toward unification. Some souls take longer to get there than others. You are in a safe place and so are the others around you."

Lynne: "Do you mean that there are places that aren't safe? Is there a Hell? I don't mean a place as in the Old Testament. I don't think there is such a thing as a fiery pit and the devil has a pitchfork. Are there those kinds of places?"

Bob: "Some would say that there are places on Earth that are far worse than anyone could imagine. I'm sure someone who is slowly starving to death would think that he or she is in Hell. Humankind has all sorts of Hell. However, after death there is a level or layer close to the Earth vibrations that could be considered a nightmare level. That might be thought of as Hell. If people get caught in that level, they may have a hard time getting out without outside help. I would imagine being 'tied' to a physical location or an old neighborhood could be termed Hell. You or anyone else does not get sent there. People get stuck because they think they should be there or they don't know how to go to anywhere else. Once you are out of there, you are not sent back for any reason. So you are in a safe place now."

Lynne: "Oh! I hadn't heard that before. I did know a little bit about ghosts or what were called apparitions. I thought they were produced either by some mediums' trickery or through imagination. So there are ghosts and they were real people once?"

Bob: "I believe so, yes."

Lynne: "I have taken much of your time. I should let you go, but I have so many questions. Would it be possible to talk to you again soon? Do I set up an appointment through Michael?"

Bob: "Talk to Michael and set up a time that is good for you and I'll fit some time in. I'll leave the details to be worked out."

Lynne: "Thank you so much. Is it correct to say God Bless you?"

Bob: "It is always correct. Goodnight Lynne. Goodnight David."

Lynne: "Good night and God Bless you."

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