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Passages from the book,
The Umbartt Collection: An Earth-like Planet


The following excerpts are from The Umbartt Collection: An Earth-like Planet by Robert Murray.


Robert Murray

For more than 30 years, Robert Murray (AKA Bob or Father
Murray) has been communicating with "people" who have
crossed over. Before he channels, he mentally sets up
psychic protection for himself. He then sits down at his
computer in his home where he receives the messages.
When he receives messages from Michael, Nancy, Elvis or
anyone else, he tunes in and types their messages on the
computer. He could be called a receiver. He has to find the
correct station and there has to be some
fine tuning. He hears voices and sees pictures. An interaction
takes place. He is conscious and quite aware of his
surroundings while he writes. During his conversations with
the "people," he sees them in their surroundings and senses
their feelings and emotions while they speak. All this comes
through him and is recorded by him. He has developed the
ability to slow down the messages and write them accurately.
This is not automatic writing, but rather transcribing what he
actually hears. He has also written a book containing a
diary of messages from his son-in-law, Michael who
is one of the subjects in this e-book.
For more information about Robert and his other publications,
please visit:



Michael (Mike), Robert's son-in-law, crossed over in 1997.
On Earth, Michael was a very unselfish person. He idolized
Elvis and was an Elvis impersonator. He loved to sing.
He loved to tell funny stories and jokes, and his sense
of humor shines through in his messages to this side.
Besides what he contributes to this e-book, Michael has
sent other messages which are published in the book
The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey and at To have a much better
understanding of who Michael is, we encourage you to read
the book and Web site:



Nancy (Drakensdaughter) tells the famous epics from her home
planet of Umbartt. She is mentioned in Michael's series of
messages about Umbartt entitled Messages of Travel & Adventure.

Elvis Presley

Elvis died in 1977. His messages are new and are from
the Other Side.


I. Messages of Travel & Adventure
The following is a series of messages from Michael about an Earth-like planet called Umbartt. In spirit, Michael visits Umbartt and gives a very detailed description of the
people, lifestyles, cities, housing and geography.

* Editor's Note: Nancy is a "housekeeper" as is Pemby and
they help Michael in his residence in Heaven. His residence
is called Sussex. The story is written in a diary form.

July 10, 1998 5:04 P.M.

Michael: "Hi! Nancy arrived this morning. I went down for
breakfast (Sonny too) and was introduced to Nancy. She is
a very attractive young lady with deep blue-green eyes.
I think she is a lady. Pemby said that Nancy wasn't originally
from the Earth. (She looks like an Earthling.)

Nancy took over from Pemby. She told us lots of exciting
news. I remember what she said. She had never spent any
of her time on Earth. She originally came from another
planet. She said that the people of her planet were very
similar to the people on Earth, from what she could discover.
She had 'died' on her planet and went on to other places.
When she was offered a place in our location, she took it.
She is like an exchange student. She didn't use words to
explain all this, but used telepathy. I understood her
perfectly. She understands languages, but prefers to 'talk'
through telepathy. She told us she was female of the
species on her planet. There are females and males. They
don't have any 'space ships' because they travel astrally
at instant speeds. She still can visit her home even though
her physical body was destroyed. She told us that she was
65 of Earth years when she died accidentally. I must have
said something in my head like, 'You're the best looking
65 year old I've seen in a long time.' She smiled and thought
a thank you. Her life span would normally have been 125
years with some living on past 150. She assured us that
she was not a thought form. She had taken back her years
to when she was 25 of Earth years.

Their years were a rough average of our years. She said
that in many ways their planet parallels Earth. They
resented being called Aliens and other weird names. They
had never captured any Earthlings for any reason and were
afraid of the Earthling's attitude toward anything that
didn't come from Earth. She said that her planet had it's
share of problems, but it was a lot more peaceable than
Earth. There were arguments and disagreements, but not wars.
Sonny asked her where her planet was in relation to Earth.
All she thought about then was 'aim for Orion and turn right.'
Not exactly detailed directions, but we got the general
direction. Sonny asked for the name of the planet. She
said that the name didn't translate into thought or words,
but she did give us a picture of her planet. What I saw
was a blue-green planet. It looked to me to be slightly
smaller than Earth, but it was hard to tell because we had
nothing to compare it to. Their planet had three moons
going around it. Their energy was from a bright star, a sun.
There were other planets revolving around their sun. She
showed us mental close ups of the land and water. It was
so much like Earth that I thought someone was playing an
elaborate joke. She caught my surprise. She showed us
some cities so we could compare them to Earth. There was
a big difference. Some cities were so bright that they
hurt your eyes. The buildings were beautiful, all made
of glass or crystal. The walls of the buildings changed
colors as we watched. I could see people moving around
inside the buildings. We were somewhat limited as to how
much we could see because Nancy wanted to get on with her
thought speech. She said that she would show us more some
other time. She wanted to explain building details and
life details on her planet. She came here to see how we
lived and would be able to report to her folks (who were
still alive). She said that very few of the people of her
planet even know about Earth. Pemby was very quiet all
this time. Nancy is about 5' 8" tall. She has dark red
hair, blue-green eyes and a very good figure. A very
attractive lady. Nancy said that she would 'talk' to us
about her planet if we would tell her about Earth. While
we had breakfast, she sat at another table (in the kitchen)
drinking some kind of liquid through a straw. I asked her
what she was drinking. She smiled and said the word 'milk'
aloud. We all laughed.

I found it hard to leave for the D.R. I wanted to find out
more about this planet. I had so many questions. Really,
unbelievable! But it's true as far as I know.

One thing I know Pemby doesn't do is tell lies. She'll
change the answers around or won't say anything, but she
won't lie. I asked her point blank. 'Is all of this true?'

She said, 'Yes, most definitely.'

So there it is a new planet and new people. We were told
that we shouldn't spread the word around in Town or anywhere
else over here. So both Sonny and I swore that we wouldn't
tell anyone. Sonny asked if it was okay to tell Father
Murray and we got a yes! Nancy wasn't here (at Sussex) this
afternoon. Of course, I asked Pemby if Nancy was a real
person or what? Pemby said that Nancy was real and would be
back in a short while. She was over at Diana's house talking
to Margaret.

Pemby told me that the closest translation for the name of
the planet is Umbartt. It really didn't translate all that
well. Their language was not the same as Earth and there
wasn't our alphabet to compare. Pemby explained that music
was dominant, as well as math in their communication.
Everything was related to a harmonic scale.

Wow! Quite a bit to take in for one day. I'll certainly
find out more.

Bye for now.

Love to all, Mike."


July 12, 1998 7:49 P.M.

Michael: "Nancy is just as spooky as Pemby. She appears
with Pemby with additional food, drink or things I think
I need. I never have to ask. Anyway, the interesting
thing is that Nancy can arrange a trip for me. I think it
can be arranged. Oh! The trip is to her home planet.
How about that, a space trip, I think. I don't know how
it's going to be done. I just know that she said she would
arrange it. I know that she died on her planet and she said
that she is not in her life form, but in her space form.
I guess we won't be traveling by rocket ship or space ship.
She did say that it was about time her people saw an Earthling.
So maybe I'll add Space Ranger to my name. Well, not yet.
I told Sonny that he had better not go to Umbartt. They
might get the idea that Earthlings were wizened up old
farts and that would be the end of things.

Sonny had a comeback for that one. 'You think they want to
see a cheeky young fart instead? Get real Michael. Queen Nancy
will choose the most worthy space cadet. So I'll tell you all
about the trip when I get back.'

So I guess Nancy will tell us what's happening soon. I'll
let you know as soon as I know. Exciting stuff.

Love to all, Mike"

No part of these excerpts may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from Aura Publishing, except in the case of brief quotations in critical articles and reviews.


The Umbartt Collection: An Earth-like Planet
by Robert Murray. For more information about this new e-book, click here.

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