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An Interview with Robert Murray
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What is life like where Michael is?

It's like a parallel universe. Something that is taking place in the same space as we live, but on a different set of vibrations. This is Michael's reality.

Michael's reality includes an infirmary where he was nursed back to health, a town with people and places, a night club with entertainers both ordinary and famous like Bing Crosby and John Candy. Michael calls the town where the infirmary and club are, the Town, but there are many other towns throughout Heaven.

If you talk to somebody else, could the description be different?


Does Michael eat and drink?


Will he age? Will he grow old?

He has a choice. He has chosen the age of something like 33 or 34, the age when he died. Some people can actually grow younger or become younger.

Could you remain at this age?

If you want to. Of course, you can age too. You don't have to stay at the same age. You can stay at the age of 80 or 90 when you cross over. If you cross over when you are 80, 90 or 100, you can go back to when you were 35, but you don't have to experience the same things you experienced when you were 35.

What happens to Michael immediately following his death?

He was greeted by his aunt Molly on the other side. She was in charge of his welcoming committee. She was also the person who was guiding him around. At first, he appeared in a place called the infirmary, like a hospital. He was examined by doctors and helped out with his problems.

Do other people go there with their problems?

What isn't known, generally speaking, is you take over or you can take over your problems. So if you have a drug problem and cross over, you could still have a drug problem and have to be cured on the other side.

When someone is physically injured when they die, do they go there with those injuries?

It varies. Usually when someone crosses over, as though they have been in an accident, they are met by emergency services people, given first aid and taken to the hospital where they can recover. They do recover at a very rapid rate. They are given a chance to heal and then they go on from there. Other people can come to visit them.

When you saw him after the accident, was he very badly injured?

No, whole. He did not carry the physical injuries over with him.

What would the process be for curing a disease or illness?

Some arrive at the infirmary or hospital. They're seen by doctors. Doctors may or may not give them pills to make them feel better, and it's psychological as on Earth, but at a different set of vibrations. They are helped to become aware of where they are and that they need not feel the injury or illness any longer.

The doctors might say, "get up and walk--you're O.K. now," and they say, "fine--you've cured me."

That very simply put is the way it usually works. Some people say they like to have illnesses. They get a lot more attention if they walk with a limp or have a bad cough, or something else.

Can you tell us a little bit about some of the other deceased people in your first book?

He met and made friends with a lot of different people at different times and often met them when they crossed over, not that he was an "official greeter." Michael is friends with Sonny Bono. Sonny lives in Michael's house and also runs a restaurant.

He met Elvis. He is a great fan of Elvis, an Elvis impersonator and wanted to meet him. He made many attempts before meeting his idol.

Do you think everybody who dies has a welcoming committee, as Michael does?

Some do. I know that is sort of an ambiguous answer, but some do and some don't. Some don't make it to the upper levels. Some remain "stuck" around the Earth--that's why there are ghosts.

Why would someone remain "stuck"?

There are two major reasons. People who are alive say the prayers or petitions or whatever you would like to call it to have the people come back.

"I want him back." "I want her back."

The other reason is they are not aware they can go any further. They want to come back to Earth, but they find they can't. They can see, they can smell, touch and hear.

They can perhaps see people around at the funeral, and they say, "Why can't you see me, I'm here," but they're at another rate of vibrations.

What does Michael say about Jesus?

He was very surprised because Jesus appeared in a children's nursery. He approached Michael and said, "Thank you for all the good work you have been doing here." I'm paraphrasing here.

"Keep up the good work. We have more work for you, and bless you and yours."

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