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An Interview with Robert Murray
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The following interview was published in 2009.

When did you realize you were psychic?

I was teaching high school back in 1970 and I had been reading some unusual books. They were an old series of books about developing psychic abilities. I found I could do psychometry, which is holding objects and then telling people about their houses, about themselves and about their health. I found I was doing all kinds of things such as mind reading and things that were startling. So, from there, I took some lessons--for three years. I took lessons on how to primarily "close down." I went on from there. I did lecturing and talks to different groups.

Was it scary when you started reading people's minds?

Absolutely. It's like being in a crowd where everyone is talking at once. You're getting all these thoughts, all these impressions and not all of them are nice. I had to do something about this. I looked for people who were giving courses in the psychic development. I went to them at an "open house" and they told me that I was a "wild psychic."

Does this mean you did not have control over your psychic ability?

Exactly. I did take courses with them in the evenings for three years and learned how to control it.

How do you control reading minds?

What they told me to do is to "close down" most of the time because most psychic people cannot accept this bombardment. They taught how to "close down." There are various methods everything from drinking coffee to taking a doughnut or filling yourself up with food would do it, but obviously you would be a lot heavier if you did it that way all the time.

If you "open up" and are with a group of people, would you be hearing the thoughts of everyone or can you just focus on one person?

I am able to focus on one person, on one thought or one object.

Tell us the story. How did the communication start with your son-in-law Michael?

The story is about Michael who died early one Sunday morning. He was doing a rehearsal for an Elvis concert. He was an Elvis impersonator and quite a good one actually. He died in a traffic accident on his way home. He was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. We were informed by his mother.

I couldn't see how I could miss this. I'm meant to be a psychic who knows all these things. I was blind sided, as they say. I didn't get a clue.

We drove the long four hours to their home to comfort our daughter, Lynn and her two-month old daughter. I was sitting alone in the living room and Michael came through into my thoughts--he didn't appear before me. He came through in my thoughts and he said, "You've got to help me.You're the only one I can turn to. I don't know anybody else. If you won't do it, I don't know who will."

At that time I didn't want to do anything. I didn't think it was right talk to Michael, but he said you've got to do it.

Why did you not want to talk to him?

I wasn't sure at that time whether it was completely accurate, whether it was really Michael or somebody else or my imagination--I wasn't too sure. I was in shock at that time. I did later determine it was Michael and he wanted to communicate through me.

"You've got this gift. Please use it. Please let them know I'm still alive."

Even after we returned home, Michael kept coming through with messages. Every night for about a year, I sat down around five o'clock and wrote out messages from Michael. I then phoned our daughter and relayed the messages to her. After awhile, a lot of people said this information is too important to keep to ourselves and said we should write a book about it.

Before his death, did he know you were psychic and did he know you could communicate with people who have died?

Yes. He did know. I didn't do it with him so much, but with his relatives and talked about his relatives who had crossed over. He didn't have any idea he was going to cross over. He was thirty-three when he died.

Have you done this "communicating" for other people (on Earth)?

Yes. Many times.

Is Michael still in touch with you and you with him?

Yes. It's a mutual thing.

How do you get in touch with Michael? How does the communication work?

I usually go to a place where I don't have any interruptions. Sometimes it doesn't always work--sometimes the phone rings. I'll sit down and Michael will come through. We make arrangements to meet, not physically, but in the mind.

Do you schedule the time to talk?

Usually it's in my schedule so I have time to sit down and do it. If I am busy when he wants to send a message, I tell him I'll talk to him later. It also depends on what he's doing--he's quite busy too.

Will there be a time when you or Michael will want to stop the communication?

I don't think I will want to stop. Maybe Michael will want to stop sometime, but he's still attached in someway emotionally to the Earth, but perhaps what will happen is the messages will be further apart because I'm busy or he's busy.

What was the purpose of writing the messages and publishing them in your books?

Since Michael died, the first purpose was to get, every night for a full year, the messages to my daughter. I would take two hours or more to write the messages down, and phone our daughter and read them to her. She said it was a great comfort to her. He couldn't be there, but I mean, he couldn't be there back on Earth, but he was there through the messages. I didn't feel uncomfortable about doing it. I liked doing it because it did help.

You want to create awareness?


Where can readers find your books?

They are available only through our Web site. Please see our Shop page.

I have also published other material. Visit my books page, Messages page and The Stars Still Shine Magazine. You may request a free sample issue of the e-magazine. Michael and others also contribute messages and stories.

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No part of this interview may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from James Murray, except in the case of brief quotations in critical articles and reviews.

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