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Message 4:
The 9-11s in the Afterlife.


Hello. I thought I would give you information while I still remember all of what was said. Please understand that I'm not a news reporter. You knew that, didn't you? Once on the trail of something, I don't give up. I haven't neglected my other duties, but I feel that anything to do with the events of September 11, 2001 should be told. This noon I went to the Village and had a meeting with several people who live there. Christiana met me and introduced me to several of the people who now live there. They told me that they would only use first names unless the person I was talking to wanted the family name told. The idea is to tell the people back on Earth (or home) what has happened to the people who crossed over on 9-11. They don't feel it is appropriate to run a message service even though it is tempting. They don't call themselves souls, ghosts or spirits. They want to be called "people." I agreed to have a series of meetings with the people of the Village. They didn't want to limit the meetings. Here is what we talked about. They want to see how this works out. We made up some rules or guide lines. I guess it would be fair to say they gave me the rules and I agreed. Here are some of them:

  • No personal messages to be sent in either direction
  • Identification by first name only unless the person wants a family name mentioned
  • Identifying information such as Earth addresses, telephone numbers and ranks to be kept out of messages
  • No exploitation for money or other considerations of the people of the Village
  • Not withstanding, the stated rules, the individuals may reach their own agreements with other parties on either side

It was explained to me that they are skeptical about my approach and want to see how or if the information they give me, reaches the right people. They told me that they have been contacted by some psychics in different countries with varying degrees of success.

Now, to business. The first person I talked to after Christiana was a man named David. He is a very interesting person. He suggested that we go over to the Bowling Alley snack bar and get a cup of coffee. Everyone else left as we walked to the snack bar. David kept asking if I had a tail. I asked if he meant did I have a tail in my pants that went with my horns. He laughed and said, "Do you have anyone following you?--that kind of tail."

I said, "No, and I don't have a tail in my pants either." He laughed and said that he liked me and we would get along.

He told me that he was in show business and was thinking of retiring, but certainly not the way it happened. He said that he worked on --- series on the small screen. Right now, he is working on writing and producing a stage show. He wants to keep active and thinks this will help morale. I told him I would contact some show business types in Town. I shamelessly dropped names all over the place. Then I told him that I would round up as many as I could. This I will do tomorrow or maybe tonight. We talked about his problems. They were the same problems I had when I first crossed over. He said that his first problem was adjusting to where he is now. He said, "One day you get on a plane and you think you're going to another city, but you go to another world. Bang! That's it. No advanced warning or nothing you can do anything about. What I really miss is the chance to say goodbye--the last minute messages, the words you never said. I think our policy right now is wrong. I think that we should send our messages back home. I hope that will come later. Right now, I'll go by the rules. I think I'm allowed to give my last name? Well, my last name is spelled with only one L right now. So, I'll get cute and play name games. Right? Michael, tell them I died with my boots on writing a script. It was one of the best ever written. It was a season finale for the --- series on the small screen. But then they'll never know, will they? Let them guess."

We talked about how I could help and invited him to Sussex. He was very interested in what we all have been doing. I will go back and talk to others some other day.


(Two days later)

I went to visit this noon and met with some others. Wendy was there, but the others I had talked to before were not around. Wendy said that Christiana and friends were talking about classes and education. I'll find out what that's all about another time. I met an Albert who likes to be called Al. He is in his thirties. He has dark hair that is receding and wears a mustache. He was in accounting. The next person was a woman in her fifties. She wasn't very tall. She was in the U.S. Army in Washington, D.C., I believe. I can't tell you her rank, but it was above corporal. Valerie was her name or something similar. She did have an accent so I wasn't too sure. The third person was a N.Y. Port Authority police officer. He wears his summer uniform now. He told me he does not carry a weapon. His name is Eugene, but was called Gene. He had been on the "job" for 11 years. He was up for promotion to sergeant, but didn't get the chance.

Those three thought it would be a good idea to send messages through. They had some experiences with some psychics in the U.S. after they had crossed over. I'll be able to tell you more as I find out more.


(One day later)

I'm at the Village and just got through a round of poker. What did you expect with the place full of cops and firefighters? Just to set the record straight, they play for poker chips and no money is exchanged. Of course, the poker chips take on new meaning when they are used instead of money. Six tables were set up in the side room at the Bowling Alley. They figured that the dining room was too classy for straight poker. Bridge or canasta might fit in, but not poker.

I think Christiana likes me. Whenever I come over to the Village, she is there to meet me. So, she must like me. I looked her straight in the eye tonight and asked her why she always met me? Was it because she liked me? She looked me back and said, "No, I live here remember. You're the one who comes over all the time. Don't you have some place else to go? Why are you pestering me?"

I said, "Define the word 'pester.' I came over for the company and to see if I can help."

Before she stomped off, she had some parting words,"..."

I know enough French to understand what she said. I guess I'm pressing a few buttons. A nice lady, but what a temper!

When I visit the Village, I meet more people. Remember, they are people not ghosts or spirits. I talked to one N.Y. police officer today and called him a spirit. He didn't take it well. He told me in no uncertain terms that he was a person and still is a person, not a spirit. Around this Village, the word "spirit" has a different meaning. It can either mean spirits as in something to drink or spirit as in evil spirit. It has an association with the people who took over the airplanes. I don't know why they associate the word with those people, but I respect their wishes.

The three new intros were Robert, an airline pilot, Tom, a trader and Margaret, a secretary. They didn't give me their last names so I assume they didn't want me to tell.

I'll make this a short message unless you want me to tell you more news. There isn't really much more to tell you tonight. Much more another time.

Love and Peace to all, Mike.

xxx ooo Lynn and Emily.

-- Next 9-11s Message


More messages from Michael and others are available at the Message page, in The Stars Still Shine the first and second book and in back issues of The Stars Still Shine Magazine. New!Free issue available.


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