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Message 3:
The 9-11s in the Afterlife.


I talked to some 9-11 group members today. They wanted to know more about me and you. They were first interested as to why I was asking questions. They wanted to know what I did, how I did it and who I knew.

One lady took over the questioning from the four women that were talking when I arrived at their village this noon hour. The woman who headed the questioning gave her name as Christiana. She had worked for a trading house in the World Trade Center. She didn't want to give me more information than that until she got to know more about me. Since I had a few minutes before I was due at the 3 C (Child Care Center), I thought I would answer her questions. She was friendly, but suspicious. Maybe reserved would be a better word. I did find out that she was from France and she worked on currency in the WTC. She lived in New York City in an apartment with three other women. She said, "I want to know what you do, what you did and why you are so interested in our group?"

I explained my background as best I could with the short time I had. I explained that you had written a book that was about life on this side. The book was based on our talks and messages from other dead people. I told her about Elvis and Diana. I also mentioned why you and I talk and what is usually said. She wrinkled her nose up as though she smelled something bad. She could hardly wait to talk. When I stopped, she let go a blast at me. She had a temper. "You expect me to believe that you are on a first name basis with Elvis and Princess Diana. What kind of fool do you take me for? Are you a trickster? Do you rob old ladies too?"

She got up to leave and made sure I knew where the road was to the outside. I didn't have a chance to say anything. She got red in the face and kept pointing to the road. I could see that I wasn't going to be able to explain anything to her.

I didn't want to stay around and get all types of abuse. So, feeling very sorry for myself, I turned and started to leave the Village. As I turned, one of the other women rushed over to me. She wanted me to stop. She got between me and Christiana. She said to Christiana, "This man can't be as bad as you make out. Let me talk to him."

"I'm Wendy. I'm sorry this happened. I'm sure there must be a misunderstanding. Do you really know Elvis?"

I went through some of my story again and told her that I did know Elvis and lots of other people. I said that I wanted to help, but I didn't need any more verbal abuse no matter how much anyone was hurting.

Wendy looked puzzled. She said that she didn't know what to do, but she didn't want me to be insulted or hurt. She said that they and the group were new to Heaven and didn't know all the rules yet. They had banded together because they all had something in common. It would be a shame if they turned away someone who could help them.

I said that I didn't know if I could help them or not. We agreed to meet another day to see what we could work out. In the mean time, I can report the conversations and anything else to you. Wendy felt that it was a bit too early to send any messages to Earth. They didn't want to get anyone on either side excited about talking to Earth or relaying messages. They wanted to talk about all sorts of things. They wanted to check me out and wanted to get the opinions of the others in their group.

So I left it that they would leave a message at the Infirmary when they wanted to meet with me again. Wendy said, "Please understand that we have all been through a real change and we are super sensitive right now. We don't dare hope that we can some how talk to all the people back home--I mean on Earth. We take one day at a time and well, we just have to work on all of this."

I said that I would have to leave because I had some work to do at the school. Wendy gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I said, "Take care" and walked away.

I know they will want to talk again. I know exactly how they feel. I was there once myself. Sometimes it takes lots of time to accept where you are. When I get more information, I'll pass it on. I have their permission.


(Later that day)

I just had to go back over to the Village. I can't stand it when people don't like me and think I'm a jerk. Well, maybe I don't mind being called a jerk, but the people who call me a jerk have to be my friends first. I had to go back. This time Wendy met me. I was walking up and down in front of the building where Christiana disappeared after she left me. Wendy told me that things hadn't been settled, but I was the main topic of discussion at supper time. I asked what was happening and got the answer, "Nothing much at this time."

I asked Wendy if I could talk to Christiana to give her my point of view. Wendy said that Christiana knew my point of view and didn't believe all the things I had told her. I asked Wendy if she believed me. Wendy said, "Look. I believe you believe in what you said. I don't know you and I don't know your family. You may be a very nice person and you may know all the people you say you know, but I'm not in a position to forgive anything or to give you answers from other people. Give us time to get our own minds straight. I'll arrange to have you talk to some of the men, if you want."

"Can I talk to them now? I'd really like to get things back on track and move on to helping where and when I can."

"I'll see if someone will come out and talk to you. I'll give you some advice although you didn't ask for it. Chill out will you. Don't bug these guys. I know you mean well or at least I think you do, but don't come on so strong."

She excused herself and went into the Bowling Alley building. I parked myself on the grass and waited. About ten minutes later, two men came out. The two were very tall and well built. They introduced themselves as Doug and John. Last names weren't mentioned. Doug started, "You look harmless enough. How come you raised such a storm?"

"I don't think I raised a storm. I tried to tell Christiana what I was doing since I crossed over and I guess she found it hard to believe."

"I guess she found it hard to swallow," said John. "She had you pegged for a real con man and she couldn't figure out what your game was."

"That's just it. I don't have a game. I was trying to help and all I got was a load of grief. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered, but I thought I could make a difference."

Doug said, "Maybe you can, but let's let things cool down for a day or two. Give us some places we can go to check on things and come back in a day or so."

"I can give you some names of places where they know me. I'll have to tell you how to get there. On second thought, maybe I could send them to you. Some of the people I know might give you weird answers because they think they are comedians."

"Why do they think they are comedians?"

"Well, they are comedians and they would love to mess me up. So I'll send some of them to see you. Maybe you shouldn't listen to them, but believe me because I sent them to you."

"I can see why Christiana had so much trouble. We'll talk to anybody you send over. We would really like to believe that you are a sincere person. I don't think any con man could tell so many whoppers with a straight face like you did. There is hope for you yet Michael."

I told them I would try to send someone and then left. I'm sure things will turn out right.


(The next day)

Hello again. This won't take long. I have to tell you that everything is back on track for my reputation over at the 9-11 Village. When I got back to Sussex yesterday, I talked about my problem. Well, I usually talk my problems over with everyone who lives with me. It was Pemby who suggested that I ask someone to go over and vouch for my honorable character. Sonny volunteered to put in a good word for me. He went over to the 9-11 Village late this afternoon. He just arrived back and told me that he had smoothed things over and that it was now safe for me to show my face in that village. I wanted to know all the details so Sonny patiently explained what he did. Sonny can't do anything without adding his own twist. Here is what the Great Bono said, "Michael, I told them that you had an excellent reputation. You were involved with looking after children, matching people, helping people find the right direction and were a fair singer. I had to point out some of your major flaws so they would know you were human. I told them that even with your flaws, you were a decent human being -- flawed, but decent. I guess they bought my story because they said that they would like to talk to you when you have the chance to go there. They wanted to meet you."

I guess I raised my voice when I asked him, "What do you mean they wanted to meet me? Did you talk to the people I told you about? Did you talk to Christiana or Wendy or Doug or John? Did you talk to those people?"

Sonny smiled and said, "Relax Michael. I did meet the people you told me about. They recognized me and asked me to sing a few songs for them. I told them about you first though. After that, they settled for my autograph instead of a song. I guess my story about you touched them so much that they forgot my singing. So, you can go to the Village any time."

I thanked Sonny. It was very decent of him to put out the good word about me. I'll go over tomorrow. I've got to get ready for my gig at the Ballroom tonight. Karen and I are singing there.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Love and peace to all, Mike.
xxx ooo Lynn and Emily


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