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The following two comments are in reference to John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s article about Princess Diana in the February 2003 issue of the magazine.

"Yes, I find your mag absolutely uplifting and it totally verifies the message of Princess Diana's Message of Peace. Diana is a warrior for peace and I am like her personal secretary now. It is as though Heaven stepped in, through the goodness of Princess Diana. She is very much watching over our country and our world and is influencing the top diplomats she knew in life with her wisdom on the war on terror. She is waging peace for the nations as an angel looking down upon us all. Her diplomatic suggestions are a true and viable answer for the diplomats, to save us from this terrible war on the planet." (Marcia McMahon is a spiritual channel for Princess Diana and has now published two books of channeled messages from Diana. Find Marcia's books and several channeled messages at her Web site. Marcia is also an artist, teacher, writer and now radio show host.

"John Jr.'s interview with Lady Diana prompted me to finalize in my own mind a lot of details about work 'The Boss' gave me to do with students - I realized I can do it on videotape, and publish a book of my own Opinion Columns to be sold along with the presentation, ones that will benefit teens. Part of my 'job' is to convince them to sign a contract with themselves regarding celibacy, no drug or substance abuse, and to do their very best in all aspects of life. To clearly state their goals, and to read their contract once every few months to remind themselves, when they're tempted. A space for a date they gave up, and a few lines for the reason why - and then another line for the date they resume, and what their extension is, to give themselves the full five years (I might do three year ones too). So, while Diana is in the Other Realms wanting to help the children, God has already given me the direction of one way to help. He first told me almost a year ago now, but I thought I had to go out and do all this in person - it was only after I read JFK Jr.'s interview with Diana that these plans solidified more..."
(Alice C. Bateman, Alberta, Canada. Author of the novels, In Her Terror and Twenty Fifty Five: Prophecy or Science-fiction? Also, read about her latest nonfiction book, One American Dreamer, at her new Web site. Her books are recommended reads.)


Lynne, contributor to The Stars Still Shine Magazine, responded to a reader's question.

August 23, 2004


"Do you think that any of the upstairs contributors ever 'hear' what we, the audience, are thinking as we read their words?  As an example, I always enjoy hearing about Lynne and her thoughts and actions.  I try to visualize her as she tells us another interesting situation and then I try to 'send' her my energy. I would like her to know that I care about her growth and I wish that I could ease some
of her anxiety.   With so many readers of your e-mag, reading the same thing around the same period of time, some of our thoughts must reach her."
 (J.C., California, U.S.)




It was thoughtful of you to ask about me. I really
don't know how to answer your question. I don't know if I hear you reading my words. One problem is a matter of delay from the time I said them to Father Murray and the time you read the excerpts. Secondly, sometimes my words are edited. It isn't that I don't recognize my own words but I don't go back over my visits and conversations. On the other hand, I do feel and sense kind thoughts and good wishes. I am not strong enough nor sensitive enough to identify the source or the person sending me the kind thoughts. I have a name for the warm feelings. I call them glow plugs or the warm and fuzzies. They make me feel good and they last a long time.

I thank you for your concern. With the passing of each day, I get a little bit better. Please take care
of yourself and I ask for God's blessing for you."


The following is an excerpt from a September 11, 2004
message from Princess Diana channeled by Marcia McMahon.

"So whilst Americans remember this day of absolute horror for New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, we in spirit wish to assure readers that those loved ones are very much a part of us now, and many many of the firefighters, and
the brave workers in the Twin Towers are in clusters in heaven. These same souls continue their work here, and have had many many challenges on this side as well. Many volunteer their time working with the children on this side, and others are writing for the e-zine, called The Stars Still Shine Magazine, channeled by the great Fr. Murray, aka, Robert Murray. And we all recommend that wonderful magazine."
(Copyright © 2004 Marcia McMahon. Marcia McMahon is a spiritual channel for Princess Diana.)


In response to Mark Twain's stories in the The Stars Still Shine Magazine, a reader, Marcia McMahon, asked Mark a question. He died in 1910. His answer is new and from the Other Side.

Marcia's question:

"Hello James;

I have a question for Mark Twain. I have read parts of his great work on Joan of Arc, and been very inspired from it. Many people never knew that Twain wrote on her.

I wonder has he met Joan, or the part of Joan that still exists there in heaven. He obviously had a great love and respect for her work, and believed in her.

Very clever that Twain.

Marcia McMahon"


Mark Twain's answer:

"April 9, 2004 2:44 P.M.

Dear Marcia,

You see, flattery will get you anywhere. You and your question roused me out of my stupor. Although I need the cooperation of Robert, I am responding to your question about Joan d'Arc or Joan of the Rainbow.

I haven't come across Joan and I assume she has risen to heights greater than mine. I am not surprised by this because I, in spite of my herculean efforts, remain at a basic level. It could very well be that they are not ready for old Mark Twain and are preparing a very large feast and ceremony for my elevation. I'm sure these preparations take time and I, if nothing else, am a patient person, or soul, whatever the case may be.

During my, now behind me, youth, I was surrounded and greatly influence by women. In my old age I was surrounded by women. You might say that I was always surrounded by influential women. During my travels and stay in England, I was told by an Anglican Prelate that God was an Englishman and had protected their Sceptered Isle since Roman days. I of course presented an argument that God was an American and the battle was on. He was sneaky about the whole fracas and anointed me with Holy water and that, besides nearly drowning me, dampened me down considerably. Here is the point I am getting to; This Church Prelate admitted that he admired Joan of Arc. As perverse as I am, I decided to prove him wrong and that started my research into the life of that wonderful and courageous woman.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Twain Esq."


In response to the Joe Louis article by John F. Kennedy, Jr. in the April 2003 issue of The Stars Still Shine Magazine, a reader asked the contributors of the magazine who are in the afterlife why they feel the need to continue to do physical work such as cooking, cleaning, running or exercising. David responded and here is his answer:

"I specifically asked to answer your e-mail. Where you may look forward to having what you perceive as a life of leisure, once you cross over things take on a different shade.

There is so much involved in the doing of anything and so little involved in having things done for you. We tried having everything done for us and found something lacking. We found lots of things lacking. Let me count the ways.

Let me take your question of why we keep on doing physical work. Ask a runner why she or he wants to run. The answer is not because I want to get from A to B. I could travel by bus, car or another means that would transport my body without having to do much. The runners say they run because of the 'high' it gives them when they reach a certain point in their run. They become addicted to running because it makes them feel good. We do physical exercise for various reasons, but mostly because it makes us feel good both mentally and physically. When we serve others, we feel useful, needed and are giving of ourselves. That my dear, is worth getting off our collective butts and moving.

Enforced idleness becomes a form of punishment. It truly does. We also do some chores because we take pleasure in the routine. Beside that, we still like to complain and just love to have an excuse to 'bitch' about the routine things we have to do.

Some of us don't do all the things we say we do. With present company excluded, some of us fake the chores and try to impress others with the hours of hard work we put in. Some of us have been known to work twenty-five hours in a twenty-four-hour day.

We also like to continue doing the things we did while alive on Earth. Humans like to have familiar things around them and like to remember what it was like in the good old days on Earth. We do acquire selective memories of our times on Earth. As more time passes, the more the immediate past life becomes quite rosy. So the few hours we spent at the local health club, the exercise machines that were used as clothes racks, the one marathon we stumbled through in great pain while on Earth become changed over time. The few hours at the health club somehow become a year of great camaraderie with fellow health nuts. The exercise machine becomes a wonder machine that we used religiously every day to tone up our muscles. The marathon becomes our moment in the sun in our memory.

If by some chance you still don't buy all this, then you can always blame the editors for, well, whatever you want.

With much affection and great exercise,



Some Readers' Comments about the magazine.

"...I cannot find the words to truly explain the overwhelming feeling I have when I read these channeled experiences. I have tried to talk with my friends about the book and your magazine, but they just don't want to believe.  However, I believe.  I must let you know how much this channeled information means to me, and to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I first discovered channeled info from Edgar Cayce (I named my little dog after him, Cayce) and Shirley Maclaine.  I found your Web site while surfing the Web last year.  I immediately purchased your book!  It has changed my life.  I often recall the words Michael has said and use his experiences to try and incorporate them into my own life.  I have read many books about crossing over, but none have shed the light on experiences such as these.  Now I ask myself, why would crossing over end our experiences to grow?  It just makes sense that we MUST learn life's lessons to love without judgement and respect all beings...If I could reach through this notebook monitor, I would give you (James) and your father a great big hug.  Thank you for being here, and listening to that there is to hear.  I am so excited about these readings!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Peace, Love and Light to you. BTW, JFK was an amazing interview!!  How very lucky you are to be a part of this channeling/drawing experience!  I wish I were so lucky!"
(Judy Christensen, CA, USA)

"Thank you for making such a great magazine. I think it's amazing to hear the thoughts and feelings of people as they create a new life in the afterlife. I'm still pretty new to opening my eyes beyond the physical and I think your magazine is a great way of building a bridge between the two worlds.

I have read Bruce Moen's books about his journeys into the afterlife and I think it's interesting to make comparisons and find common ground between your experiences. I hope you will keep expanding and I will surely keep reading your magazine." (Jacob Wind, Denmark)

"I found the information on Nancy and Pemby very interesting. I hope that you will write more on them in the new magazine." (J.B., Illinois, USA)

"Congratulations!  I'm impressed that you were all able to get this published by now. I am so eager to read the magazine!! Thanks for all your wonderful efforts and good work."
(Dr. Ann West, Tennessee, USA. Ann has a doctorate from Vanderbilt University, an Ed. D. She is an educational therapist, in private practice, working with children with learning disabilities. She is writing a book about the uses of color--with some "new" (actually ancient) and very metaphysical concepts.)



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