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About The Psychic
Robert Murray's Biography


 Photo of Robert Murray



Robert Murray
1935 - 2015

We have some sad news.  Robert Murray passed away on August 31st, 2015. He had been ill for several months and a heart operation was scheduled for summer 2015. Bob had the surgery in August and was recovering in hospital. He gave it his best to try to keep his heart going and make it stronger.

He is adjusting and keeping very busy in the Afterlife.  He has also been communicating with his family. James has been channeling his father. James records messages in a notebook and will also produce sketches of dream visits.  He wrote the following message from Robert.

September 7, 2015
4:35 P.M.

Message from Bob Murray

James has asked me if I have any words of wisdom. These may not be words of wisdom but I will let you decide.

I am still surprised by the amount of writing I did over the years -- so much information from many souls including myself.  I am very happy you took the time to read them. Now, this is not the end but just the beginning of another chapter. My son James has discovered or should I say rediscovered his ability to channel.  He wants to know how I am doing and I am happy to keep him up-to-date. I have just begun my new journey and James will do his best to write down my messages and draw pictures.  I  know he keeps thinking 'How accurate am I?' and I tell him don't think too much about it. Don't try to write everything verbatim but just describe what you feel, think or what you see.  Let what comes to mind first and let it come without trying or thinking too much.

I hope I have enriched your day!  


December 21, 2015

Bob: "James tells me he made the drawing to show our family and friends where I am living now." See James' holiday image and read Robert's complete message.

January 14, 2016

Bob: "Hello one and all! I still exist and am writing this introduction through my son, James. I understand you are a devoted reader of our magazine 'The Stars Still Shine E-magazine'. Thank you for..." Read his complete letter.


New!New Messages from Robert Murray, Michael and others.

Music icon Tribute to Robert

Listen to a musical tribute inspired by Michael and the Band:

A11 - Flying to Tripoli
Time: 1:41

Tributes inspired by George Harrison and John Lennon:

B11 - Needed Visions
Time: 2:23

C11 - Craving the Jaybird
Time: 2:43

D11 - Welcomed Remarks
Time: 2:36

E11 - Something Like Love
Time: 1:50

F11- Long Road to Tripoli
Time: 1:45


Robert (Bob) Murray, a high school teacher, became aware of his psychic abilities when he discovered he could "read" people and objects. By holding pens belonging to his students, he was able to accurately describe their homes and locate lost assignments upon request. He could also sense when students were heading for trouble and guide them in a more appropriate direction. As one student confided later, "You are the only teacher I had who cared enough to convince me that I am a worthwhile person."

A series of coincidences led Bob to a couple of very special teachers of the Occult who guided him through three years of evening and weekend training to earn a non-academic degree entitled Adept of the Lesser Mysteries. This training included field trips to clear "haunted" spaces and learning methods to work safely in a variety of psychic endeavors. At this point in his life, he had a very strong impression that being psychic would impact his future.

Bob initiated a series of very successful adult education classes entitled "Introduction to the Occult" for the same large school board for which he taught high school students. Summers were spent as a director of a children's camp. He also gave lectures on occult topics at junior colleges and was a popular guest demonstrator at a Spiritualist Church.

Bob moved his family to a rural area and expanded his experience by joining the American Dowsing Society in Danville, Vermont. There he led various workshop groups and gave talks about dowsing and psychism. For several years, Bob explored the practical, esoteric, and spiritual applications of dowsing at the Center for Awakening in Northern Vermont.

Spanning more than 30 years, Bob's background and experience made him uniquely qualified to write these messages from beyond. He had the ability to raise his "vibrations" so as to hear the spirits of crossed-over people. He was conscious and quite aware of his surroundings while he wrote. He developed the ability to slow down the messages and write them accurately. This is not automatic writing, but rather transcribing what he actually heard.

An interview with Bob is available to read at this Web site. Also see his News and Additional Information, below.


How to purchase his books.
The books are only available at this Web site and at stores listed on the Shop page.


News & Additional Information

Books (in print)

The Stars Still Shine Book 2

Book 2 Now Available!!
The Stars Still Shine: Michael's Afterlife Journey Continues, Book 2 by Robert Murray. For more details, see Book 2.

His first book is The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey.

The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey


The Stars Still Shine Book 2

Book 2
The Stars Still Shine: Michael's Afterlife Journey Continues, Book 2 by Robert Murray.

The Umbartt Collection: An Earth-like Planet
by Robert Murray. For more information about this new e-book, click here.

The 9-11s in the Afterlife by Robert Murray.

The Urquharts of Reddix is a new Louisa May Alcott novella. Louisa (1832-1888) is best known for writing Little Women.

My Old Couch Brought Me Love is a new Betty Smith novella. Betty (1896-1972) was best known as a novelist. Her first of four novels was entitled A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.



music Robert had been channeling new country, pop, samba, jazz and swing music and much more from the Other Side. Music has been added to this Web site for your listening pleasure and purchase. Michael and The Band and many other musicians have arranged for the transfer of their music onto a computer which records the music.The music on this Web site is by Robert and James is inspired by Michael and The Band and many other artists. For more information, click here.

music artworkmusic iconHold Back the Night - May every child live in a peaceful world without fear or suffering.

Season's Greetings! Illustration, greeting plus accompanying music.


For the latest messages from Michael, Robert and others, click here. Listen to an audio message from Mark Twain read by Robert.



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The Legend of Memphré was on the SPACE Network (Canada) - October 27, 2004. Click here for more details.

TV Series
GRANITE FORKS (TV Series) – Co-writer, Actor, Assistant Editor. Still photography – shared with Steve Walker.
Focus Television, Directors: Bashar Shbib and Jon Deitcher.

THE MAKING OF…Indie Television (Movie) – Actor.
Sunset Pictures, Director: Bashar Shbib.

P.T. BARNUM (TV movie) – Extra.
Hallmark Entertainment, Director: Simon Wincer.

MISBEHAVIOUR (TV movie) – Extra.
ZGA Films & Television Corp.

ZOMBIE MANIACS (Feature Film) – Extra.
Sunset Pictures, Directors: Bashar Shbib & Stephen DeOliveira

THE UPSIDE (Feature Film) – Writer, Executive Producer, Actor.
Sunset Pictures, Director: Gabe Brown.




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