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The Stars Still Shine Magazine
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The following is a partial issue from 2004 containing the first 2 articles.

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T H E_ S T A R S _S T I L L_ S H I N E

News and Writings from the Afterlife

Vol. 2 Issue 2 - February 2004


The Stars Still Shine Magazine, a new monthly e-mail
publication, is a direct link from the afterlife. It is
an outlet for talented writers and other "people" in spirit.
They share messages, conversations, stories and journeys
filled with descriptions of adventure and travel. These
writers and others from the afterlife channel through
Robert Murray.


The Stars Still Shine Magazine
Everything in this magazine is true unless stated otherwise.
This issue is sent to you in two e-mails.

ISSN: 1543-0022

Publisher: Robert Murray
Production Manager/Editor: James Murray
Upstairs Editor (in Heaven): Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
Continuity Editor: Diane Murray

Aura Publishing
Mail: P.O. Box 602, Derby Line, Vermont 05830-0602 USA
For other methods of contacting us, please visit:

your e-mail address or to report delivery problems,
please visit:

Copyright © 2004 Robert Murray. All rights reserved.



Robert Murray (AKA Bob or Father Murray) channels (receives)
the material from the contributors in this magazine. For
more than 30 years, Robert has been communicating with
"people" who have crossed over. Before he channels, he
mentally sets up psychic protection for himself. He then
sits down in a quiet place in his home where he won't have
any interruptions. When he receives messages from Michael,
Lynne, David or anyone else, he takes up his pen and paper,
and tunes in. He could be called a receiver. He has to find
the correct station and there has to be some fine tuning.
He hears voices and sees pictures. An interaction takes
place. He is conscious and quite aware of his surroundings
while he writes. During his conversations with the "people,"
he sees them in their surroundings and senses their feelings
and emotions while they speak. All this comes through him
and is recorded by him. He has developed the ability to
slow down the messages and write them accurately. This is
not automatic writing, but rather transcribing what he
actually hears. He has also written a book containing a
diary of messages from his son-in-law, Michael, who is
also a contributor to the magazine. For more information
about Robert and his book, please visit:




Michael (Mike), Robert's son-in-law, crossed over in 1997.
On Earth, Michael was a very unselfish person. He idolized
Elvis and was an Elvis impersonator. He loved to sing.
He loved to tell funny stories and jokes, and his sense
of humor shines through in his messages to this side.
Besides what he contributes to this magazine, Michael has
sent other messages which are published in the book
"The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey" and at To have a much better
understanding of who Michael is, we encourage you to read
the book and Web site:


Lynne and David are husband and wife. They crossed over
on September 11, 2001. On Earth, Lynne worked and volunteered
as a librarian. She also had been involved with children
and young adults, and kept in touch with them. She considered
the many kids she worked with as her sons, daughters,
children, friends and family. David was an Emmy award winning
writer for the TV series "Frasier," "Wings" and "Cheers."
He, David Lee and Peter Casey formed Grub Street Production,
producer of "Frasier" and "Wings."

Michael has become good friends with Lynne and David.
Aside from what the three contribute, they have sent messages
to Robert about a group of people who crossed over on September
11, 2001. The group includes Lynne and David. Lynne, spelled
with an 'e', is not to be mistaken with Michael's wife (living)
who is named Lynn, but spelled without the 'e'. To have a
better understanding of who Lynne and David are and what they
have done in the afterlife, we recommend that you read the
messages about the 9-11s group at:


John is the Special Correspondent for the magazine.
He crossed over in 1999. His father is John F. Kennedy, 35th
President of the United States of America.


Mark died in 1910. His stories are new and are from
the Other Side.


Stephen died in 1900. His stories are new and are from
the Other Side.


1. CONVERSATIONS -- TEENAGERS (Installment 1 of 3)
is the first of three interviews by John F. Kennedy, Jr.,
special to The Stars Still Shine Magazine. The interviews
with deceased teenagers were arranged by
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

2. CONVERSATIONS -- LYNNE & DAVID (Installment 14)
is the fourteenth installment in a series of Robert Murray's
conversations with Lynne and David. In the series, Lynne
and David share their experiences or stories. This
installment occurs around the time of Message 15
in the 9-11s in the Afterlife series of messages found at:

is the fourteenth installment in a series of messages from Michael
about an Earth-like planet called Umbartt. In spirit, Michael
visits Umbartt and gives a very detailed description of the
people, cities, housing, geography and lifestyles.

is the thirteenth in a series of articles by John F. Kennedy, Jr.,
special to The Stars Still Shine Magazine. John Jr. interviews
Jack Benny.

"Jock Itch" is a short story by Mark Twain.
It is fiction channeled by Robert Murray.

"Bitter Sweet Memories" is a short story by Stephen Crane.
It is fiction channeled by Robert Murray.


1. CONVERSATIONS -- TEENAGERS (Installment 1 of 3)
is the first of three interviews by John F. Kennedy, Jr.,
special to The Stars Still Shine Magazine. The interviews
with deceased teenagers were arranged by
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

December 30, 2003 10:25 P.M.

"And a child shall lead them." is a partial quote from
the Bible. I had a wonderful chance to interview a child
yesterday and I would like to relay this interview to you.
I don't think it needs any more introduction than that.

John: "Thank you for talking to me dear. My wife, Carolyn
told you that I was coming over here to talk to you didn't

Cherry: "I didn't know that she was your wife but that
doesn't matter. She's a nice lady."

John: "Would you tell me your full name please? I'm writing
this talk because it goes into a magazine back on Earth."

Cherry: "So you talk the talk and walk the walk? My name
is Cherry with no last name 'cause my mother is still with
the living in 'Chi' town. That's Chicago. My name is Cherry
because I always come out on top. I used to until someone
snuffed my lights out."

John: "How old were you when you died?"

Cherry: "About fifteen and a half, closer to sixteen. If it
wasn't then it would have been later. Not many kids lived
to get out of the project."

John: "What kids are you talking about?"

Cherry: "Man you aren't listening! Around the project,
my 'hood.' The kids I knew and my family. In case you
hadn't noticed I'm black. I'm African American or something
that gets all mixed up with, well, just gets mixed up."

John: "Is it too painful to talk about how you died?"

Cherry: "Not as painful as getting shot. Man that hurt
real bad, real bad. Got shot in two places. I was in my
man's wheels when these dudes drove up beside. They let
go with an Uzi. My man got the most of it but I got two
rounds in my belly from the side. I got torn up so bad it
made an EMS man puke up his breakfast when he saw me.
I lived about two days then saw the light through
the tunnel."

John: "Do you know why you got shot?"

Cherry: "Yeah, 'cause I was sitting beside my man. I was
in the wrong place at the wrong time. My man had enemies
and I was with him. Not very hard to explain."

John: "You mention your family. Did you have brothers
and sisters?"

Cherry: "Yeah. Had brothers and sisters. We had different
fathers but we were sisters and one brother. Six sisters
and one brother. My mother had one kid a year. About
all she did was have kids."

John: "How big was the apartment where you lived?"

Cherry: "Two bedrooms, a kitchen and living room and a
bathroom with a toilet that was broken most of the time.
We had to get water out of the the tub."

John: "Were you on the ground floor?"

Cherry: "Naw, we were up on the third floor. We didn't
want to live on the ground floor. They usually got shot
at from drive bys. Some of the dealers had steel plates
all around."

John: "That sounds like you had a very difficult life.
Did you go to school?"

Cherry: "Yeah, for a while. I loved school. It was the
only place I felt safe. I was going to make something
of myself. I was going to be a doctor or a nurse to help
sick people. I really was until that morning. It was a
Sunday morning. You think some days you'd be safe but not
so I guess."

John: "What are you doing now? I mean beside talking to me."

Cherry: "Let's see. I started in a hospital. I mean started
in a hospital when I plopped in around here. From there
to Big John's place on the island. He takes in tough guys
and helps them. Did you know that he has a sign that says
crew help kids like me. I'm at the Ponderosa now because
I love horses. That's Pondy 2 because there's more than
one Ponderosa Ranch. Michael Landon and Dan Blocker have
all kinds of ranches to help kids like me."
[* Editor's Note: Big John is John Candy.]

John: "I know this may sound like a dumb question but are
you happy now?"

Cherry: "Yeah, it does sound kind of dumb. I have times
when I'm happy, yeah. It's times when I get busy and forget
where I am that I'm happy. Too bad I couldn't have had
just one small part of it when I was in Chicago. Man, you
take away hope from kids and they do what they do to survive.
Why spend so much to go off somewhere and have wars to kill
people? All they have to do is put up projects in other
countries and the people will kill themselves in a short time.
Get one of those Hummers and sell the f-----. Use the money
to get the kids out of the city for good. That would be a
better use for the military. Round up all the gang bangers
and put them on the borders. I guarantee no terrorist will
ever get past them. Of course, they'd kill everybody else

John: "Thank you for talking to me Cherry."

Cherry: "That's okay. You're a cool dude. I'll talk again
sometime. Just look for me on my favorite horse. That's
Sweetbuns, the horse on Pondy 2."

* Editor's Note: Some of the 'slang' used by Cherry in this
interview was edited for easier reading.

2. CONVERSATIONS -- LYNNE & DAVID (Installment 14)
is the fourteenth installment in a series of Robert Murray's
conversations with Lynne and David. In the series, Lynne
and David share their experiences or stories. This
installment occurs around the time of Message 15
in the 9-11s in the Afterlife series of messages found at:

David: "Hello Bob. It is David talking to you from my
Cape Cod Cottage. Maybe this is the real Cape Cod and
the Earth one is a fake? I'm here anyway. I have a fire
in the fireplace because it is comforting and I want to
enjoy some warmth. I won't get into need or want right now.
I am working on the next play which is set in medieval
times. To me there is something inherently funny about men
dressed up in tin suits or tights, or both. I'm sure they
all had rust problems and problems with the tin suits
making noise. I see all sorts of possibilities for comedy
before these guys get out of the castle... In days of bold,
when knights were old, they lived in the land of the knave
and the home of the flea. I'm having fun with this idea.

I'm cranking the plays out. I do it because it's what I do.
Talk about obsessive compulsive behavior, I think I'm the
poster boy for that group. Pardon me while I straighten
out the fringe on the rug. I'm just kidding.

Lynne is at the 3C this P.M. She is trying to straighten
their records. I don't think she stands a chance. She was
telling me that their records are in worse shape than the
ones at the D.R. She said that their record keeping is so
ancient that a secretary used a talking parrot to record
conversations. Just kidding again. Lynne is keeping out
of trouble, not like yours truly.

As always Bob, it has been a pleasure talking to you.
May I put away this fireplace whisk broom that I have been
talking to? Bye bye, for now."

(Several days later)

David: "Greetings Bob. Michael and Karen are at the Ballroom.
I have heard of dedication and liking a job but Michael
and Karen keep going back to sing at the Ballroom. They
are popular, they enjoy singing and command great respect
from the audiences. Michael has a very easy manner that is
somewhat reminiscent of the early crooners. I think Bing
Crosby was one to develop a manner that later became a
trademark or something to copy. I know that Michael didn't
set out to have a style of his own because of his all
consuming passion for anything Elvis did. Now that he is
a friend of the King, he has relaxed and has developed a
style uniquely Michael. Karen is a superb partner in all of
this. They have developed their own style. It is really
interesting to watch them sing. They now know what the other
is thinking and it makes for a much smoother performance.
In the short time that I have known Michael and Karen, I have
seen a tremendous improvement in Michael's style and singing

I'm back on track with my plays. I'm writing two now.
When I get stuck on one, I turn to the other. I might even
get a third play going just to have a third option. I now
have three different offices but I still use the main one
on the porch of our house over here. There is something
about the water splashing and crashing on the shore that
comforts me. I haven't used the other offices yet but they
are here. I think of them as lifeboats in case I founder.
I think the nest I have set up in the den has been taken
over by Lynne. No matter, it's still mine in my mind and
sometimes that's all it takes over here.

Today, I accepted a long standing invitation to visit the
Sweat Camp run by John Candy and Chris Farley. What a
marvelous job those two have done! I was shown the videos
of the first days on the Island. What a change! The
children went from sleeping on the ground to sleeping in
handmade cabins within a few months. I think it was more
like a year before the first eight by ten cabin was built.
As John said, at first they almost had to use their teeth
to cut the logs. The children are running their own programs
and I think a few groups have gone through that place.
The kids don't seem to want to leave. The former campers
are now staff and administration. Not all were hard core
delinquents but all had problems. It is very hard to believe
all this is happening in Heaven.

I'm through bending your ear. Lynne says hello and hopes to
talk to you soon. Nite, nite to you and yours."

(One day later)

David: "Good evening Bob. Again, I have the honor of 'subbing'
for Michael. I consider it an honor mainly because of the
relationship that you two have. Perhaps that was put in
the wrong way. I feel honored that Michael lets me take over.
Michael is off singing tonight.

Quite often I have nightmares about being sent back to Earth
without any clothes on. Strangely enough my concern is
not that I'm naked but that I don't have any pockets, wallet
with ID or even a subway token. I have spoken to Dr. Yes
and he declared me mentally normal. He added that he didn't
know the range of what is normal over here. He asked me if
I worried about something. I said take your pick of a long
list of worries. So he said that was my answer. I was
worried and it came out in a dream. I mentioned the dream
to Lynne and she said that I was worried about not being
prepared. I told Michael about the dream and when he got
through laughing, he said don't worry it just meant that I
wasn't prepared for life over here. I told him that I would
buy that story.

Michael said that we all have our worries and anxieties over
here. Most people hide them very well and have ways of
overcoming anxiety. I said that strangely enough, I miss
having a paycheck coming in. It represented a security, a
feeling of security, that I don't have now. Michael
said, "So that's why you dream of things like going back
to Earth without money."

Enough about me. I'll change the subject. Lynne has been
very busy and I think she is enjoying herself. Every evening
she comes home with stories about the children and what
they are doing. I find it interesting and not boring.
She's so enthusiastic that it comes out in her recounting
of the stories about the D.R. and the 3C. To me those
places are like zoos with kids instead of animals. I love
kids one at a time, not herds of them trailing over the
pampas and campus... Did you hear the story about the teacher
who applied for a job in a new school? They asked her what
she had been doing lately. She replied that she was a
Thespian. They told her that they didn't want her type of
person around children. Those were the days before the Equal
Rights Amendment I assume. I have bent your ear enough
tonight. Nite nite Bob. Blessings on you and your family."

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