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Book Talk:
Readers' Comments


Some Readers' Comments about the book,
The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey
and Robert Murray.

Comments include the following subjects (keywords): afterlife, after death, book, focus levels, Belief System, out-of-body, guides, grief, channeled, crossing over, heaven, souls, spirits, past lives, passed over and more.

New!"I just finished rereading volume 1, to set the stage for volume 2. I had forgotten enough of volume 1 to make the reread interesting. I particularly appreciated Richard Wright’s context for understanding these experiences as “possibly unique to Michael.” Whether unique to Michael or true for all of us, I find this reading beneficial to me spiritually, and I hope to read many more." (Joe Meboe, HI, USA)


"I have just read your book and I couldn't put it down! Finally, a book that describes what I have known for 24 years, but never able to tell anyone. I have been visiting the other side for 24 years, and actually live a dual here and one there. I travel every night--not just in my dream state, but through out-of-body experiences that I can remember. I have a house, a job, and have met my twin flame who is on the other side. We live and love like people do here on Earth, only it is different. The mind is very powerful there, and everyone knows how to use their abilities. All I have to do is think about a place, and bam, I am there. Mental telepathy is also very strong there, and some people communicate that way instead of using vocal words. The more I learn about life on the other side, the more I can validate this book. I have been to doctors and dentists and counselors on the other side, so I feel much better about the fact that my experiences are not just fantasies or dreams.

Thank you for such a wonderful book! I look forward to the next one that will come out, and perhaps, I might even get to meet Michael! For those that are willing to believe, this book can answer the questions and help bridge the gap between 'life' and 'death'. We humans are coming so close to remembering ourselves and our past, and this book does a great job of triggering memories that we have from long ago.

Thanks again and God Bless!

Wendy" (Wendy Brown-Haddock, WI, USA)


"Regarding Robert's book, I am taking my time and savoring it. I take a break and digest what I have read, but it is very difficult waiting for the next opportunity to pick up the book again.

So far, it all rings true. You know how it is. You wait for that one thing that hits a sour note with your beliefs. It hasn't happened. I love this book. Please thank Michael and Robert and thanks to you, James for your involvement and to everyone else that I do not yet know. Thank you. This book has given me a new lease on life. Thank you for that.

I am just very happy to know you. Some of what I am reading I feel is meant for me as well for it goes straight into my heart. I feel as though I have been summoned to you and to the book so that I can begin to work on my next level and this book has acted as an awakening, a catalyst in my own development. I feel renewed, invigorated, and also an overwhelming sense of peace. Each person's path is distinctly his own, yet not unlike others in that we each must take up our cross and go toward our destiny as we learn how to be more of benefit to others as well as ourselves.

I have always maintained that I grow greatly whenever I help another to grow. It is I who is doing the most growing when this happens. I have learned to solve my own problems by applying myself to the problems of others. Helping others gives me the opportunity to be objective, to help resolve their issues, decide courses of action and better ways to think and then turn it around on myself unflinchingly. It becomes easier to understand what I need to do myself. I always recommend when someone has a problem they ask themselves what would I tell my best friend to do?" (Carolyn B. Shipley, IL, USA)


"Robert Murray, with his skill and talent in interacting with non-physical energies for some period of years, knows what some of us are discovering along our own life paths; After learning to move through the different levels, and interacting with Helpers, Guides, Friends and Family on the other side, there is little more that one needs to search for, to come to a core understanding that we are indeed 'Much more than our physical bodies,' as Bob Monroe's affirmation starts with.

I have a great respect for Robert Murray and others who are working to bring this information to the general public; this is a tough act to sell in our conventional society. The good news is that many people have started to search, in a less structured, less orthodox, less doctrinal way, for some measure of understanding about why we live our physical lives, with all the grief, sadness, joy, frustration, love, pain, beauty and sorrow that we find in our lives." (Jim Szpajcher, Pyrite Meditation Seminars, Alberta, Canada. Jim & his wife are distributors of various books on the theme of exploring altered states of consciousness and also carry a line of Hemi-Sync products produced by the Monroe Institute.)

"...I cannot find the words to truly explain the overwhelming feeling I have when I read these channeled experiences. I have tried to talk with my friends about the book and your magazine, but they just don't want to believe.  However, I believe.  I must let you know how much this channeled information means to me, and to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I first discovered channeled info from Edgar Cayce (I named my little dog after him, Cayce) and Shirley Maclaine.  I found your Web site while surfing the Web last year.  I immediately purchased your book!  It has changed my life.  I often recall the words Michael has said and use his experiences to try and incorporate them into my own life.  I have read many books about crossing over, but none have shed the light on experiences such as these.  Now I ask myself, why would crossing over end our experiences to grow?  It just makes sense that we MUST learn life's lessons to love without judgement and respect all beings...If I could reach through this notebook monitor, I would give you (James) and your father a great big hug.  Thank you for being here, and listening to that there is to hear.  I am so excited about these readings!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Peace, Love and Light to you. BTW, JFK was an amazing interview!!  How very lucky you are to be a part of this channeling/drawing experience!  I wish I were so lucky!"
(Judy Christensen, CA, USA)

"What I wanted to say about the book--oh there were so many things. First off, I haven't been this jazzed about a book since I first read Bruce Moen's first book. And that's something for me to say because I read a lot. This book rang so true for me since I do explore the afterlife and I do do soul retrievals for those who are stuck.

Now, I only have Robert Monroe's focus levels to go by and they are from focus 23 (where souls get stuck in the lower realms), focus 24, 25, 26 (the Belief System Territories where there is every conceivable place where 'like attracts like', therefore false heavens, false hells and so many more, and then focus 27 which according to Bob Monroe, Bruce Moen, and my own explorations, is where the souls are supposed to go and this is where we bring them when doing a retrieval.

In reading the book, I was constantly trying to place which of the focus levels they were on. Now it seems to me, that these focus levels, according to Michael's narratives, are all intermixed and one can get from one to another by means of an elevator, a gate, etc. I'd had in my mind before a level picture of one above another, but I can see now that this isn't so. They are basically on one level, but just in different areas with ways to get there from the same level -- in others words, they don't have to go UP physically (or nonphysically rather), but go UP in other ways. I think you understand what I'm trying to say. LOL Anyway, this makes perfect sense to me.

There were so many things in the book that I had wanted to write about, but can't think of them right now. Michael saying that the prayers are so warm and comforting, was the first I have ever read about prayers being felt there. I got such a kick out of Sonny Bono's life there with his restaurant, etc. And dear Elvis. And all the other entertainers. The village of Coventry which was stuck in time -- a Belief System Territory, Michael's reviewing past lives (which I had thought would only be in focus 27) and so much more. I've learned so much more from the book and that's why I didn't want it to end.

Please let me know as soon as possible when the next one is out as I want one of the first ones sold. Thank you so very much, thank Robert, and please ask him to thank Michael for me."
(Marilyn Traver, Virginia, USA)


"One evening while reading The Stars Still Shine, I closed the book and said aloud 'how am I supposed to think this is a serious message to me when he's (Michael's) hanging out with Elvis Presley all the time?' ... I decided to put the book down and watch TV. I turned on the TV just as a special 2-hour program was starting... Elvis Lives! - a tribute concert. I just stared at Elvis singing in all his glory for what seemed an endless time, sort of shocked. Then I just laughed and laughed and said 'okay, you win...I hear you!' Who says the other side doesn't have a sense of humor." (Gail L., MA, USA)


"It's a fascinating story..." (Glenda Grant, President, Hearst Entertainment Productions)

"...I just wanted to let you know I got the copy of The Stars Still Shine, read it from cover to cover in a few days.  I actually started slowing down, pacing my reading, so that I could savor it.  What a good read!  If you can, tell the author(s) how fascinating and well written this book was to me.  Instead of winged shady light beings hopping deliriously from cloud to cloud, we get what seems to be clear and solid information about the afterlife.  I'm certain without a doubt that Michael is experiencing what he says he is...I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series..." (Vicki Talbott, Washington, USA) 

"...I have to tell you how much the recent chapters touched my heart... I recently lost a friend, who was the person I wrote about in Miracles and Mountains to Climb, another book of mine. He had been a mountain climber. When I read of Michael climbing up on straight rock, I was comforted. Loran had taught me to mountain climb, and has recently died. I hope they have mountains for people like him. Then the following chapter was on Princess Diana and her castle where she has the families staying who have adopted the children from the D.R. This corroborates my information on what Diana has said about her work in the afterlife. She said she works with young children, babies who have recently passed over. This was in her letters to both William and Harry. She also said that the palaces were something to rave about. Now truthfully, I thought she was just saying that to comfort Harry and didn't picture Diana in any castle, just in spirit form somehow. It gave me a lot to think about, and is comforting to see her selfless service in a meaningful way continue, as well as her peace work with me where she gives her Ambassador's advice to the world leaders...Well, it has been an absolutely fascinating ride through the afterlife with Michael. Thanks again." (Marcia McMahon has been channeling Diana (Princess Diana) for several years. Read her channeled messages and books. Marcia is also an artist, teacher, writer and now radio show host.)

"What a great book! I look forward to the next one." (Dr. Ann West, Tennessee, USA. Ann has a doctorate from Vanderbilt University, an Ed. D. She is an educational therapist, in private practice, working with children with learning disabilities. She is writing a book about the uses of color--with some "new" (actually ancient) and very metaphysical concepts.)

"I loved the book and could not put it down.  In fact, I read the entire book in one evening.  I hope there will be another one written soon."  
(Therese M. Horn, Maryland, USA)

"I finished reading it in 2 days! The book is fantastic. I have read other books that talked about the 7 'levels' and vibrations before so I found it fascinating to read and hear a first hand account of what some of it is like. Michael sounds like a fun loving person, and though it may no longer apply, 'very down to earth!' I look forward to more books about Michael's adventure, and what happens next. It certainly is reassuring that loved ones we thought lost or gone are not, that our spirit continues on, that our purpose to grow and help and make a difference continues on also!...thanks to Mr. Robert Murray and, of course, Michael for continuing to keep in touch!" (Karen Young, Alberta, Canada)

" passion revolves around expanding our awareness of the nature of reality, and your book is precious in this regard. It goes down easy, and sprinkles intriguing insights along the way." (Laurie Pentell, Sageheart Alliance , Resources for Evolutionary Living, Chicago)

"...incredible a portal to the other world. Every page was fascinating. It reawakened my spirituality. The messages from this book have to get out there."
(J.F., Georgia, USA)

"I enjoyed The Stars Still Shine very much. There is plenty to think about-interesting ideas. Now, of course, I'm waiting for the next book to find out how Michael is doing and progressing." (E.G.B.,Vermont, USA)

"My only I have to wait for the next book or books to be released. I can hardly wait to continue Michael's journey..." (R.R., Québec, Canada)

"...I really enjoyed it. I do have a lot of questions though, like where can I learn to dream travel?" (H.E., Québec, Canada)

"I really enjoyed the book...a lot of it was very real for me...I have learned, or should I say, remembered a whole lot over the past two much about heaven, or wherever it is we go. Your book was very interesting..." (J.K., Florida, USA)

"...a lady friend of mine lost a companion in a diving accident 4 years ago. She is still very attached to the memory of the good friend. Would you be good enough to send her your book with a dedication. I would not be surprised that she would visit you some day..." (J.B., Québec, Canada)

" is not that bad up (or down) there. I'll probably be able to carry on making stain glass up there when I go." (W.M., Ontario, Canada)

"...(she) was going into surgery last week and she said her husband's mother who has been deceased for many years, came to her and told her not to worry that she was going to make sure everything turned out okay. I don't believe she would've shared that with me had she not seen your book." (A.F., Florida, USA)


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