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Excerpts from
The Stars Still Shine:
Michael's Afterlife Journey Continues, Book 2

by Robert Murray


The three Book 2 excerpts consists of a Welcome message, an Introduction to Book 2 by Robert Murray and Michael's first message.


If you’ve read Book One, you already know that Michael and many of his friends communicate with Robert Murray in a form Robert describes as “radio transmissions.” He “tunes in” and transcribes what he hears (see Book 1, page 10).

In this special message to readers, spoken by Michael but prepared with the help of his friends Diana, Elvis, and Sonny, Michael explains why their work is so important to them.

December 1, 1998 5:30 P.M.


Hello to all of you. This is not only a hello to
Father Murray, but to all who are reading these
words. I want to make this as personal as I can.
I need to let you know that I exist, that I’m still
around and I haven’t gone to nothing. You need
to know that I am, so you can believe the something
that comes after you die to Earth. Some
people hide their feelings and like to get funerals
over with so they can get back to “normal.” There
is no such thing as normal. Nobody is normal or

I wasn’t prepared to “die.” When I was young,
I thought about dying, but managed to push it
away from my conscious thinking. I’d worry about
dying when I was older, a lot older. Now I don’t
think I would have changed my thinking even if
I had reached old age. I didn’t know what death
would bring. I wasn’t ready. I’m not trying to sell
you anything. I am not pushing any religion. So
why don’t I shut up?

I have seen the results of people being unprepared for death. In spite of what you have learned at Sunday School, church, synagogue, mosque or meeting house, you don’t have all the facts. If you are going to go to a foreign country for the first time, wouldn’t you want to know what the country was like? I would have really liked to know about that country, especially if I couldn’t bring anything with me. You are all going to take the ultimate trip someday. I know that andyou know that. Why not find out? Why not educate yourself. Examine all the facts. If YOU aren’t concerned about your destination, then who is? I’m not talking about putting your physical remains in a box, in a vault, into flames, or in the earth. I’m talking about you and where your essential soul, your being or your spirit, is going to end up after you start your journey.

At first don’t believe anybody. Don’t believe my messages. Don’t believe religious people of any kind. Don’t believe books, psychics, prophets, cards, or horoscopes. Believe in yourself. Believe in what
feels right to you. Study hard, work at this. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to change your mind. The truth often comes very simply. I can guarantee that you don’t need a very complicated program to get to Heaven. You might have trouble collecting on this guarantee.

Make your travel plans so you won’t end on the shores of confusion when you take that trip to Heaven. Remember, no one solves any—repeat—ANY problems by killing anyone, including himself or herself. Did you know that most suicides are ignored, even in Heaven? This welcome message was prepared by me (Michael), Diana Spencer, Elvis Presley, and Sonny Bono. It was not authorized by Father Murray.

Love to all, and we MEAN love to all.

Diana, Elvis, Sonny, and Michael


Introduction to Book 2
by Robert Murray

Welcome to the second book in The Stars Still Shine series. Thank you for dropping in, no matter what your motives.

I continue to enjoy writing messages from Michael and others in the Afterlife. Book 1, The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey, contains those early messages. Comments from readers about that first book can be found inside the cover of this book. I recommend reading the first book before continuing on with the second.

In this second book, Michael continues his adventures, his learning, his interaction with souls, his helping others, all part of his growing in the spiritual sense. Michael rises to another level, but is still the “same old Michael.” He still wants to touch the people he left behind, but is slowly adapting to Heaven and its many differences.

I often have to pinch myself, figuratively, of course, to get back to life on this side. I find the stories so fascinating that I am anxious to get them into written form. As I write the messages, I often wonder where the trail of the conversation will lead. I have never been disappointed.


Message from Michael

March 7, 1998 4:52 P.M.


Hello! I just got back from Indian Country. Just walked
in the door of the town house. The Band is doing very well. The older kids have taken over most of the teaching. Now I go over our objectives with the teachers at a special meeting. We plan the goals and objectives.

Chief John helped me with these lesson plans. Now these teachers can cover many more lessons than I could ever have done by myself. More kids want to sign up almost every day and the Band has become more than just a band. We have enlarged the original building and it now has two wings on either side. Chief John wants to use the build-
ing for a center where kids can learn more than music. It’s really neat. They have ideas for off-core classes.

Chief John and the Band Council invited me to their meeting today and asked me to give them some ideas about what should be taught. I didn’t think they were all that serious, so I gave them suggestions as they came out of my mouth. Dancing, aboriginal music, totem-pole carving, native history, and of course, regular music.
I told the council the basics could be worked into the other lessons and the kids wouldn’t know it until it was too late. I suggested they not formalize anything and let the older kids help the younger ones. As I described it, the kids shouldn’t have to write any tests or sit in anything that looked like a classroom, but maybe have long tables
with benches on either side. No backs to the benches, no desks or chairs for the tables. Kids either sit on a bench or stand. Just one small black board for the whole school. No books, but plenty of paper for notes. All pencils and no pens. I said all this and then sat down.

One of the council members asked me where I had received my teacher training. I told him I hadn't any teacher training, but I had been to school. Chief John said they had expected me to say conventional schooling was the way they should go and admitted he was surprised my suggestions were so unorthodox. They would talk it over
and let me know their decision.

From that meeting, I zapped to the town house here. I hadn’t been back to Sussex since yesterday, so I zapped over there for a few minutes after I finished talking with the council.

I don’t feel I’ve changed any since I went to Level Two. I think the changes will come gradually. I have an idea. Why don’t I zap over to Sussex and talk to you in the library? If I get lost or you can’t find me in five minutes, then I’ll zap back here and continue from the Town

O.K., I’m going...

Hello! Can you hear me? I’m in the Den at Sussex. Pemby just brought me a hot chocolate. Get this. She knew I was arriving because she started walking into the den while I was just sitting down. I hope she can’t read my mind all the time.

I heard you and knew you found me. Excellent! I’ll talk to Pemby for a while and then go to Sonny’s Place for spaghetti night. All you can eat for $35.00. I guess that really isn’t a bargain, but it includes a bottle of wine, salad, and a choice of desserts. You can see I still think
about food.

I’ll talk to you later.

Love to all, Hungry Mike.
XXXOOO Lynn & Emily

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No part of these excerpts may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from Aura Publishing, except in the case of brief quotations in critical articles and reviews.


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