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Message from Diana, September 2004


September 24, 2004 10:00 A.M.

In spite of all my many words to hasten the peace process there still hasn't been much progress in the actual process. I have not given up and will continue to press for the peaceful world we of good conscience want to see. The individual soul, the spirit within each of us, needs some genuine encouragement in these dark days. I have talked to many people on both sides of Heaven and Earth. I wanted to hear the individual concerns and below are some of the questions, answers and comments from the ordinary and not so ordinary people. I won't attach names because people are not willing to have their names mentioned. That was one
of the conditions that they stipulated before answering or commenting. I think you will find that you will be nodding your head in agreement with the responses. Please read on. The question was: What can you do to promote world peace?

I have turned off the television and radio. I don't want
to hear any more bad news. It upsets my whole day because I can't do anything about it. I don't need any more upsets in my life.

I don't even have peace in my family. How can I do anything about the stupid world if I can't have a peaceful life at home?

I think we should take the world leaders and lock them all in a big room. They wouldn't be allowed to get out until they come up with a solution to world peace.

You know, if the individual lives a life that is a good
example for his or her children, then that is a wonderful start. The adults can pass on the idea that peace is a better alternative (to war) and then the children will want peace.

We have better communication in our world today. It is
better or maybe I should have said we get the news faster today. Faster doesn't mean better. We know what is happening and it leads to frustration. It doesn't promote peace that way. May be we should put a ban on the Arab news to see if that would stop the kidnaping. They do it for publicity.

You can't be peaceful if you have to fight for food. Why not take the war budget of the big countries and help feed the people who need it?

I think I can think peaceful thoughts when I am in a
conflict with anyone. It may not promote peace in the
world but it would help the immediate situation, my situation.

Maybe everyone has given up on peace. Some days it seems that everyone is looking out for number one and you have to fight for your job, and your way home from work. If you aren't a peaceful person to begin with then you can't teach it to others.

Maybe we should put Dr. Phil in as Secretary of State.
He might tell Bush to smarten up. Then he could straighten up the rest of the world.

It isn't enough to tell people to think and pray for peace. You have to have results, immediate results or people don't bother to continue thinking and praying. We aren't used to long term solutions. We feel that it is out of our hands. Maybe we should protest in a meaningful way, the way Thoreau did by refusing to pay his taxes. I honestly don't know if I would be willing to go to jail for a cause like that but if we had enough people they couldn't put us all in jail could they?

Look how people rally around for a cause like Research for Breast Cancer. Saying you are for world peace doesn't mean anything anymore. It (world peace) has to be sexy, has to be the thing you can do something about. We have to have short term goals and then results will change for the better.

Don't tell me to write to my politician. They can't do
anything unless the president or the prime minister tells
them to do it. Tell me what I can do at home. Tell me how I can make a difference in my own neighborhood. Where I live there are street gangs. Nobody can control them. If my life and my peace are at risk around my home, how can I live peacefully? Give me some practical advice.

Maybe the clue is that we all start out as babies. Give each newborn a chance to grow up peacefully. Feed the child nourishing food. Keep it safe. Educate it in the ways of peace not war. Teach conflict resolution. Start now and we may have a more peaceful world in twenty years.

I think there will always be evil in the world. The way
to fight evil is not head on but in a round-about-way.
Let us clean up ourselves first. We have horrid examples of very large companies out of control. Greed seems to be the way to go. How can we say that we are better than the rest of the world if we defend the greed either through small punishments or no punishment? How can we defend that way of life and promote world peace?

We have to start with ourselves. I have to start with me. Tell me what I can do. If I think it's workable, then
I'll do it. I won't march for peace but I will give some
money to CARE or some organization I trust. If we don't solve the problems of the children then there is no hope for the future.

There you have but a small sampling of the responses to the question, What can you do to promote world peace? I haven't changed my mind as to the course of action. However, I do see that the individual soul is frustrated and in most cases feels powerless. I most certainly don't have all the answers but can see that the individual can make his or her surroundings more peaceful. Take an inventory of the things you can do in your immediate neighborhood, things you and your neighbor can do to help each other. Get interested in what the children are doing in schools. Make sure that they have peace related courses. The courses could cover anything from conflict resolution to historical lessons on what led to the various wars rather than a history of conquest. It is a matter of approach. We must assuage the needs of the children in the impoverished countries. Make them our friends now before they become enemies later. Do what you can because every little bit helps. Keep peace in your heart and never give up.

Love and peace,

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