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Message 13:
The 9-11s in the Afterlife.
Michael / David


David: "Hello Bob. I'm substituting for Michael again. He told me today that everything was in good hands when I took over for him. He sends his love to you and the family and will talk to you again very soon.

We have created an 'outreach program' for the Village. They don't need a mayor they need someone to listen to their problems. We did invite Dr. Yes over to the Village. He has set up a walk-in clinic, that is doing as well as can be expected. That is medical speak for not doing too well. As we see it, there are two problems with a walk-in clinic. The first problem is that people don't want to be seen walking into a psychiatric clinic no matter what the name is on the outside. We tried to add humor to the sign, but that just made it more pathetic. People don't want to be seen walking into it. The second problem is that people are putting on a 'brave' front and don't want others to know they are hurting. They elected executives to answer their questions, not to run a town.

We executives aren't qualified to give any answers. So now we face a dilemma. Should Lynne and I pretend to know some answers? Do we offer a referral service to Dr. Yes? Do we refer people to ministers, priests, rabbis and other religious figures? Both Lynne and I want to help, but we are having as much trouble adjusting as our neighbors. What we did do is start an 'outreach program;' we invite people to talk things over and to bring in guest speakers. We take turns moderating the talks and I can say it is as close to a New England town meeting as I've seen. Everyone has a say if they want to talk. It was interesting to hear some comments and questions at the first meeting. Most people there wanted to know why things in Heaven weren't organized and why they had to take the initiative? They wanted to know why they were chosen to end their lives and who called them to Heaven? I wouldn't say that they were angry, just confused. They wanted to know what they were supposed to do. No one there had any answers that day. When Michael made his speech, some people were satisfied, but for others, it led to more questions. For most people, the question is why are we alone? The answer isn't that obvious, but we aren't alone. We are together. We have made new friends over here. We didn't survive in our physical bodies, but our souls did survive. We are getting more answers every day. We just have to recognize the answers when they come to us. Personally, I find that my prayers are being answered. At first, I didn't think there was any response, then I realized that I was expecting answers on my terms and in my time. When I thought about what I had asked for, I realized that I did get some good responses. I found out that all prayers are answered. Sometimes the answer is no and other times the answer is hard to fathom, but it is always there. I have found great joy in working with people in my play. I have found great comfort in talking to you. I feel that most of my answers have come through you. You have been a great comfort. It must be very difficult keeping a foot in both worlds so to speak. If other people are listening or reading this, then let me tell them that prayers are answered. Most people overlook the part of God that is inside themselves. Individuals have more fortitude than they realize. I don't know if I have accomplished anything here tonight, but I feel better for doing it. Thank you Bob! Nite, nite."


(A few days later)

Michael: "I'm happy to talk to you tonight. As you know, I've been keeping busy. As Big John Candy said, 'Blessed are the big wheels because they run around in circles.' Some days I feel as if I have been going in circles.

I was at the Village this afternoon. I'm not going to give anymore formal speeches. They want me to lead discussion groups. David and Lynne wanted me to help in that way. They have had discussion groups before, but now they want to bring in the heavy artillery. Now, I'm a big shot who knows all the answers? I don't think so. Maybe I can point people in the right direction. I was asked to sing a song today. A lady asked me to sing the *'September Song.' She said it was a favorite song of her grandparents and she wanted to hear it again. I didn't know the song so I told her I would find it and sing it next time. She said the words meant a lot to her. She quoted one line, 'It's a long, long time from May to December.' She was hoping to find out answers during that long, long time from May to December. That discussion group was asking me questions. I answered the best I could. Here are some questions and my answers. I have permission to quote.

Q: Do we each get a review of our immediate past life?

A: I think so. Some get their review right after they cross over and others get it later.

Q: What is this place? Is it Heaven?

A: Yes, as far as I know, it is Heaven. It is a very big place with lots of room.

Q: Where do we go from here?

A: I don't know where you are going. I can tell you what happened to me. I went up to the Fourth Level. Those levels are levels of knowledge and understanding. I have also heard of people going back to Earth as babies. They were reincarnated.

Q: Is there any punishment for wearing the wrong clothing?

A: No, there isn't punishment of any kind for wearing any clothing or for wearing nothing at all. I noticed that some women here are wearing veils. That is their choice and there is no punishment either way. Some people wear robes and others wear ugly shirts and they aren't punished.

Q: Is there any punishment for anything? If so, what type of punishment?

A: As far as I know, there isn't punishment for anything. People often have the error of their ways corrected, especially if they are treating other people, animals and other things in an unthinking manner or in mean ways. When some people cross over, they are so exhausted that they stay in the hospital for a short time. This isn't punishment, it is a rest time.

Q: New people arrive at the Village almost every day. Where do they come from?

A: The people who arrive at this Village are the people who crossed over on September 11, 2001. They either took a trip from some other place in Heaven or were stuck around where they died. Some were helped to escape from being stuck and others made it on their own.

Q: Will I be reborn?

A: I don't know if you will be reborn. I don't have that type of information.

Q: What happens to people who sin? Where do they go?

A: I'm sorry, that is a very advanced question. I don't have a definition of sin because I'm sure it varies from religion to religion. There may be common sins. No, I'm getting in too deep here. I can't answer that one.

Q: I thought we were all meant to be equal over here. Why are some people in charge of us?

A: I didn't know that anyone was in charge of you. I'm not in charge of you or anyone. I try to help people not control them.


I can see that you are tired. I'll talk again another time.

Love and Peace to all, Mike."


* Referring to the song by Kurt Weill & Maxwell Anderson.

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